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How Much Can I Claim

The amount you can claim depends on your age at the time of the accident, the severity of the injury, the length of time it took to recover and whether the injury caused any disability. Finally, the area of your body that suffered the injury plays a big part in how much you can claim.

Each claim is different and hence no exact figures can be given without assessing your injuries. However, the table below gives an indication of typical injury compensation amounts.

Area of body
Compensation amount
Neck injury
Up to £33,500
Ear injury
Up to £65,000
Head injury
Up to £90,000
Back injury
Up to £25,000
Arm injury
Up to £36,000
Wrist injury
Up to £29,000
Hand injury
Up to £33,500
Leg injury
Up to £17,000
Foot injury
Up to £40,000
Psychiatric injury
Up to £20,000