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Hard Shoulder Safety

Each year hundreds of people suffer serious injuries and lose their lives in road traffic accidents on the hard shoulder lanes of Britain ’s motorways and dual carriageways.

Many motorists who use the hard shoulder fail to realise the dangers of parking a car close to fast-moving and busy traffic and as a result many road traffic accidents occur in this situation. In fact, one in six motorway fatalities are attributed to car accidents on the hard shoulder.

Therefore it is important motorists who need to use it bear in mind some essential safety tips to avoid putting themselves and other drivers at risk.

Hard shoulder afety advice

If you think there is something wrong with your car whilst you are driving on a motorway and you are not able to continue to the next exit or service station, or an emergency forces you to stop, than you should safely pull onto the hard shoulder and decelerate until you come to a halt . 

Before parking, you must make sure your car is parked as far away from the carriageways as possible, with your wheels turned towards the left. Once you are parked up you should follow these simple safety guidelines:

Remember, the hard shoulder is a dangerous place and should only be used if your car breaks down, in an emergency, or if you have been asked to pull over by the police.